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   At Artlysium inc, we are focused on creating art with the highest levels of customer satisfaction in mind. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations when ordering custom art.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us to bring your visions to life. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Community :

As artist there is no set path to success. Most artist struggle to find a place to call home for there work. I have members of my family and close friends who have given up on their dreams and desires. I too have come extremely close to not waking up motivated to create. I want to change that about the world. After all the only thing we leave the world after everyone dies is their art work. I want to change lives for the better and give those who no longer believe new hope. As well as provide a new outlook and understanding to the word dreamer. We all are dreamers in a way, we all want something out of life. I believe the youth who never had a chance to dream are the ones who would have changed the world for the better. I want to reach those people and help them achieve a life full of creation and peace.

Overview: The Broken World Novel by Bryan A. Hill is a self published novel. Outskirts press has been hired to complete the copyediting and production process. The novel contains 10 unique chapters that explore truth and justice from the inside out. A new perspective on the world. The content is poetically charged for those who love a great love story. 

 Audience:  This novel is intended for young adults and adults. This novel is not recommended for children ages 0-18. 

Chapter Outline

 Chapter 1 “Rigorous in Vigor” - This will introduce Bryan’s world to the reader. In this chapter you find out the motivation for this adventure. As a poet and activist he believes in himself and his family. The Journey begins with importance change. This chapter contains important information on how Bryan views his world. 

Chapter 2 “Peril Strait” - This chapter will describe how the world appears to be problematic. This will explain why Bryan believes the world is broken. By explaining what the problems are. The next step is fixing these problems. Bryan begins to understand his mission in life.

 Chapter 3 “Carnage” - In order to change his physical ability he joins a gym. Months after befriending a female boxer things become difficult after learning some dark secrets about her past. These events hault the relationships growth but love seems to conquer all as Bryan Finds out what it means to want what is not good for you.

 Chapter 4 “Palatable Elysium” - This chapter will describe what true love is. Leonia is introduced in this chapter. She is mentioned before, but in this chapter Bryan describes how they met and why he loves her.

 Chapter 5 “Artifice” - The Overseer doesn’t like anyone who try’s to date his daughter. He has finally found the perfect match for her and now she comes home with news of a new friend. He forces Bryan away from Leonia by any means necessary. 

Chapter 6 ”Eradication”- This chapter describes life as it is. Fix Befriends the wife of a dangerous mobster. Also finds a way to save their daughter. Bullets fly and people die. The goal is to teach world greatest measures.

Chapter 7 “ Inclement” - This chapter shows mental healing. Strength is both physical and mental. The hospital turns out not to be the safest place for recovery. A blizzard hits town hard causing harsh traveling conditions.

Chapter 8 “Skyline”- The teaching of a great teacher comes to Bryan’s new school of arts. Bryan finds a new way to bring hope to his town. 

Chapter 9 “Etiology” - The time has come for the truth to be told. A major battle commences and threatens to destroy the town. Bryan finds out why some people do the things they do. The great lengths taken to stop him strengthening in the end.

Chapter 10 “Terra Firma”- The battle for the city has began. After destroying everything Bryan has worked his life for they began to protest and make moves. This chapter shows a transformation for the future.

Marketing for this book : The marketing for this novel will consist of multiple teams from different marketing companies. After 4 years of writing and researching I have complied my team with due diligence. Combining my audience from my music and film work we plan to dedicate our lives to brining this story to the world. Marketing includes web tours, city to city tours, book signings and live event.

 Thank you! Thank you for supporting The Broken World Project by Bryan Hill. I appreciate your time and effort spent researching this project. Bryan wants to stay connected with all readers There is also a movie in creation by Bryan Hill for The Broken World. I want you to stay informed for all updates for upcoming Artlysium events. I hope you enjoy reading and I look forward to the day we meet during a book signing.

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